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The Star Hunters: The Complete Trilogy

Now available as a digital box set! Audiobook Version Available

From the Book:

There was something they were not telling her. Lissa read it in the stiffness of the crew, in their lingering gazes. The voyage had started out fine, but something had happened two hours in. Getting away from Earth had been her priority, so she’d left the crew and the captain to their business and let the sudden shift play out, but she had also made a point of keeping her back to the walls and watching the crew closely.

She wanted to put the weight of the crew’s anxiety on the Star Federation. She had told the captain to be ready for a pursuit when she had chartered the trip. The captain had asked for a higher upfront payment, but he’d been boarded by the Star Federation before and had assured her that his crew would know how to hide her. He and his crew had shown no interest in what she would be doing before she came aboard.

But something happened that had stretched the crewmembers’ nerves close to the breaking point. Lissa doubted that prowling Star Feds could do that. Veteran smugglers knew how to keep calm under pressure, and this was not a crew of amateurs. No matter how much she wished otherwise, she had to release the Star Feds from all responsibility. Something else was at work. Something she knew she’d have to fight her way out of.

She spent some time walking up and down the length of her small cabin, running through the list of the Shadow’s recent hits and trying to figure out whose death could have warranted a hunt for a bounty hunter. She could name plenty of individuals and organizations that would have been grateful for the chance to squeeze the Shadow’s throat, but none would have known where to start looking for the hunter. Someone else, then. Someone unknown. Or maybe…

No. She’d been very careful, always checking her own trail and keeping an eye out for some telltale sign. Nothing had surfaced yet. She was still safe from them, at least for now.

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