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K.N. SALUSTRO is a science fiction and fantasy author who loves outer space, dragons, and good stories. When not writing or working at her day job, she runs an Etsy shop as a plush maker and makes art for her Redbubble shop, both under the name DragonsByKris. (She is serious about being a dragon fan.)

Her science fiction trilogy The Star Hunters was nominated for the Cygnus Awards, with each book in the trilogy receiving its own accolades. Most recently, Light Runner (the third book of the series) received an honorable mention in the Global eBook Awards. Chasing Shadows, the first book in the trilogy and K.N. Salustro's debut novel, was a quarter-finalist in the 2018 Screencraft Cinematic Book Contest, and won a silver medal in the 2019 Readers Favorite book awards in addition to receiving a 5-star review from the same platform.

K.N. Salustro has also written a spinoff novella called The Arkin Races, and is now officially moving into fantasy. Time to write some proper dragons into the books for a bit.

What's the logo?

Officially, this is the insignia of the Star Federation, the galactic military that features in K.N. Salustro's Star Hunters science fiction trilogy. It was designed for the books, but gets extra mileage as a logo and will probably stick around until something more universal takes its place. (Most likely something dragon-related.) Until then, the Star Federation insignia looks particularly nice when it's cut in brass and swinging on a keychain. Shiny is always better, right?