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Cause of Death: ???

Price: $2.99 - ebook | $11.95 - paperback

ISBN-13: 978-1980621744

Between the endless, exhausting work of harvesting souls and keeping the balance between the mortal world and the Forces that inhabit Eternity, Death just wants a break.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Death wants someone else doing their job for them. So, naturally, when a soul is taken before its time and Death had nothing to do with the reaping, there’s only one course of action: figure out who is responsible, and make sure this never happens again.

Armed with their trusted scythe and a bad temper, Death sets out to find the culprit, only to fall upon a tangled trail that leads to more and more unnerving discoveries on the mortal world, and across Death’s home realm. If Death doesn’t find the truth soon, both may be destroyed. Nothing says “hurry up” like the threat of an apocalypse!

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