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The Roar of the Lost Horizon

Price: $2.99 - ebook | $12.99 - paperback (coming soon) | $22.99 - hardcover

An Unusual Skill

All his life, Nate has dreamed of using his wind magic as a sailor in the imperial navy. By law, all Skilled must serve the Solkyrian Empire with their magic, and it’s a fate that Nate willingly embraces. Unfortunately, while Nate’s Skill makes him highly sensitive to the element, it’s not strong enough for him to control the wind, and his dreams of serving in the navy unravel. Disgraced, Nate is forced to resign himself to an unwanted fate, but that changes when he meets pirate captain Iris Arani.

A Legendary Treasure

After learning of Nate’s Skill, Captain Arani invites him to join her crew and carve out a new life free from the empire. But Arani wants Nate’s help finding something that only his magic can track down. Something so steeped in legend, Arani will need to risk the trust of her crew and her captainship to get it.

An Epic Adventure

As part of Arani’s crew, Nate will learn to use his Skill in ways he never thought possible. He hopes that will be enough to secure him the life he’s always dreamed of, if he can survive long enough to return home. But danger is everywhere on the high seas, even for a ship full of pirates, and Nate must learn to harness his true magic before Arani steers her ship and her crew into the heart of it all.


Books to take you to the stars and back.

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Books to show you what's over that strange horizon.

Works are listed in order of release date. Click a cover to learn more / see buying options.

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