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Release of Tales from 2020


A collection of short fantasy and science fiction stories written during the year 2020. No, they are not about the pandemic, the apocalypse, or anything relevant to the swirling abyss that is 2020. What the stories ARE, are bursts of escapism, some fun, some serious, and some that blend the two. Work on this collection is underway. Come back soon for an official release date!

Dec. 2021
C2E2 2021... Maybe?


C2E2 has been moved to December of 2021. K.N. Salustro would like to be there, provided it is safe and possible to do so. Updates on that convention and other 2021 events will be provided here, and via K.N. Salustro's newsletter. Sign up here.

Recent NEWS


The Star Hunters trilogy named a Finalist in the 2020 Indie Book Awards.

Cause of Death: ??? wins silver medal in the 2020 Global eBook Awards for the Fantasy: Contemporary category.

Cause of Death: ??? long-listed for the 2020 OZMA Awards for Fantasy from Chanticleer Reviews.

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