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Star Hunters Travel Poster - 11" x 17"

Visit the worlds of the Star Hunters science fiction series with a beautiful travel poster!

Dimensions: 11" x 17"


  • Ametria: A hostile planet with deadly wildlife, the Star Federation strongly discourages travel anywhere near Ametria.
  • Phan: Predominantly a forest world, Phan is also a busy hub, seeing a lot of of merchants and travelers come and go every day. 
  • Yuna: A desert world scorched and burning under its sun, Yuna is an unlikely place to find life, but the native life is even harsher than the landscape, and so endures.
  • Jetune: A harsh, frozen world plagued by bitter winds, Jetune is devoid of life.
  • Mezora: Large and economically rich, Mezora is a fertile world with a dominant culture that is beyond the grasp of most species throughout the rest of the galaxy. Mezoran cities are filled with twisting, sweeping architecture unlike anything else in the known universe.
  • Sciyat: This small, lunar world is widely regarded as a symbol of peace. It’s gaseous parent planet is inhabitable, but the moon-world Sciyat is a small paradise not totally unlike Earth.
  • Daanhymn: Once an idyllic world nestled deep within the galactic sector known as the Paradise Void, Daanhymn has been overrun by an aggressive, invasive species of flowering flora.

Star Hunters Travel Poster - 11" x 17"

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