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Available Now:

Chasing Shadows & Unbroken Light


Now available for the first time ever in audiobook format, the first two books of the Star Hunters science fiction series:

Chasing Shadows and Unbroken Light

Narrated by Adam Verner

Available from Audible, Amazon, Apple, Google Play, Chirp, and more.

Current Project Status

Fantasy pirate book.

The first draft is officially under way. I'll be focusing mainly on this project for the next few months as I get the bulk of the writing done.

Gods and monsters novella.

This story is in the rough concepting phase. I'm hammering out base ideas for characters, plot, and worldbuilding.

Fire & Feathers fantasy series.

This series is further along in concepting, but will likely span 8 books and needs a lot of time and work. This will be here a while!

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