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Final Star Hunters Audiobooks:

Light Runner & the Complete Series

The final installment of the Star Hunters trilogy is now available as an audiobook from Audible, Chirp, Nook, and several other retailers. If you have been waiting to listen to the conclusion to this thrilling series, now is the time!

The full trilogy is also available as a compiled 3-books-in-1 audiobook, for a total of 30 hours and 14 minutes of planet hopping, bounty hunting, science fiction adventure. Get your copy and join the hunt today!

Current Project Status

Southern Echo #2

A Whisper from the Edge of the World

Second book in the "Southern Echo" fantasy pirate series. Now working on the first draft!

Tales from 2020


Recording audio files. (K.N. Salustro is self-narrating this project.)

Southern Echo #1

The Roar of the Lost Horizon (Audiobook)

Beginning pre-production on the audiobook version, to be narrated by K.N. Salustro.

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